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econOmic ADVISORY:

In order to provide counseling on this matter, certain conditions are taken into account, i.e.: regional and international scenarios; local, national and international economies and its influence on production; soil productivity analyses; feasibility analyses for several types of land exploitation: agriculture, livestock, mixed cropping, forest yields, olive growing, tourism, etc.


It consists of descriptive and technical reports customization, stemming from the analysis and assessment of several conditions such as: geographical situation of the exploitation; soil type or types; soil characteristics and suitability; climate; water potability; essential working facilities (existing or to be built); regional and self-expectations for each type of exploitation, etc. Personalized assistance and transport to visit previously selected facilities or fields.

Counseling on Farming Business Models as a whole

This will include production, profitability, resources, goals & management

REAL STATE, Land Rental and Sale Management.

Farms for sale and rental in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

Counseling on horse breeding, breeds and classification:

Silla Argentino , Jumping, Polo, Thoroughbred, Hunting.