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MEJIAS INVESTMENTS is the outcome of a vision of BS Francisco Mejías who, due to his vocation and academic studies, has a long track record in the farming area. Nowadays, the intensity and diversity of such a record let him treasure values such as experience, a sound knowledge of the business area and great reputation.

Ever since he started working in 1971 and even at present, he has worked as facilities manager in several areas: agricultural, livestock mixed cropping, forest yields, etc. His knowledge on the diversity and details of the farming regions enabled him to perform tasks related to field search and selection, and customization of technical reports for both national and foreign investors. Likewise, he customized feasibility and development analyses for different profit-making projects, profitability analyses, and offered counseling services to companies, banks, government entities, private customers, etc.

In addition, he has the possibility of assembling an interdisciplinary staff consisting of professionals and technicians specialized in the different types of farmland production and soil exploitation.